Mola  Sasa  creates  unique  handcrafted  pieces  that  inject  the  perfect  amount  of  freshness  and  sophistication to the wardrobe of the contemporary woman.

Free-spirited and worldly, Mola Sasa is synonymous of an effortlessly chic individuality that speaks for itself. Seeking to close the gap between the origins and the present moment, Mola Sasa collaborates directly with various indigenous communities of Latin America to translate their traditional art forms and crafts into unparalleled accessory collections defined by a distinctive blending of techniques, colors, textures and materials.

“For me Colombia is color and music; it vibrates with its cultural mix and rich ethnic variety. This has certainly been a great influence for Mola Sasa and I can see it translated in many ways in our designs. We mix various techniques that speak of a country full of color and diversity; in that way are able to share a piece of us with the world.”

-Founder and Designer, Yasmin Sabet

Each Mola Sasa piece evokes a sense of discovery and provides traces of a journey to the world of ancient tribes, their land, their culture and traditions. This exotic aura was the starting point of the brand and continues to be with every new collection or collaboration.


For generations the indigenous Kuna communities of Colombia and Panamá have passed down an ancient appliqué technique of hand sewing cut-out layers of fabric to form an intricate piece of art. Each fabric is the specific design of the artisan woman who carefully works on it. The Kuna culture, beliefs and traditions can be found woven into each composition. Some depict stories, animals or daily scenes while others offer a more abstract design.


Chimichagua is a traditional technique of the Cesar region of Colombia of hand-woven palm leaves. Its beautiful color is achieved by grinding the fiber with plants, mud, anilines and mixing it all. This technique constituted a prosperous home industry in the towns of the Colombian Caribbean coast, but today, their craft and employment is being threatened by different conditions of the productive systems and forms of extraction of the palms, among which stand out the practices of cattle raising, the expansion of the agricultural frontier and urban expansion. In this context, the Chimichagua handbags aim to ensure the management, sustainable use and long-term conservation of native palm populations in the Colombian Caribbean region and their incorporation into the regional and national economy.

Made in Colombia

At Mola Sasa we honor and empower local artisans through action. We have already created sustainable employment for more than 80 families and we are continuously exploring new artisan skills to expand our mission and ensure a lasting social change for their communities.

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