At Mola Sasa, we help support, preserve and encourage Artisanal Traditions.

For generations the indigenous Kuna communities of Colombia and Panamá have passed down a traditional appliqué technique of hand sewing cut-out layers of fabric to form an intricate piece of art. Each fabric is the particular design of the artisan woman who carefully works on it. The Kuna culture, beliefs and traditions can be found woven into each composition. Some depict stories, animals or daily scenes while others offer a more abstract design.

“I grew up in Colombia with these delicately handcrafted fabrics so I have always had an absolute fascination for the attention to detail. To me, Mola Sasa has become more than just a fashion project, the Kuna women who I work with now have an important source of income.”

-Founder and Designer, Yasmin Sabet

Mola Sasa is a Latin American accessories brand born from a unique collaboration between designer, Yasmin Sabet, and the indegenious Kuna women in the Caiman Alto region of Colombia. The brand seeks to empower local artisans and design meaningful products that respect tradition and craftsmanship. Sabet, who is of Colombian-Egyptian origin, began as an architect and furniture designer before launching her luxury brand.

The fabrics are carefully curated and paired with complementing colors and designs fitting for each season. Once the materials have been chosen, the products are individually manufactured by local craftsmen in our Bogotá warehouse.

Made in Colombia

The Mola Sasa brand has gained notoriety for its playful combinations of colors, prints and materials. While this pairing concept has most notably been seen in our clutches, our new Chimichagua handbags feature a mat, woven from delicate palm leaves native to the Cesar region of Colombia. Our ever-evolving brand seeks to explore juxtaposition further by creating new products and incorporating more local artisans and materiality.

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