Natural Maguey Hoops


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In celebration of Earth Day, Mola Sasa has launched a limited-edition eco-friendly capsule collection to promote the management, sustainable use and long-term preservation of Colombian native natural resources.

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The hoops of the earrings are handwoven by women of the Kankuama people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, they are made fiber extracted from a type of native agave plant called “Maguey.” The body of the earrings are handwoven in the Zenu Reserve in Tuchin Cordoba with “caña flecha”. This is a technique developed for the “sombrero volteado” or “turned over” hat used in the coffee plantations.


Hoop Diameter: 2.36in / 6.5cm
Body Length: 3.94in / 10cm
Wood and Gold Finish Diameter:  0.78in / 2cm