Uncrate Oceans

For the past 5 years, the Holt Renfrew H PROJECT team has explored a different region of the world and showcased a curated collection of the best of local artisan work, designers and socially responsible products they find. This spring, the project is evolving to focus on an ecosystem, OUR OCEANS.

“Oceans cover 71% of our globe, and make up the majority of life on this planet. The oceans play an integral role in the survival and success of all different ecosystems, land-based as well as marine-based. Oceans are our regulator for carbon dioxide and the atmosphere; they’re a sponge and without them, we would be in even more trouble. Oceans connect us all, and we all need to work together to help save this important ecosystem.”
-Alexandra Weston, Divisional Vice President, Brand & Creative Strategy, Holt Renfrew. 

H Project has gathered designers from everywhere around the world, from Stella McCartney to Ganni, Jade Swim, Vitamin A, Amur, and ourselves included to celebrate and bring awareness to ocean conservation through the creation of sustainable products inspired by our oceans greatness and developed with both, earth and ocean friendly materials.



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In order to create these very special and 100% sustainable pieces, we sourced new materiales and integrated the work of four local artisan groups.

For our statement Kuna clutches and bangles, we started by sourcing local recycled fabrics and asked the Kankuamo women to dye then with the same technique they use to dye the ´Fique´ fibers. They reach every color by using only natural elements of their village in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The red/coral is dyed with the bark of the Brasil tree, the beige is dyed with the skin of the coconut, and the blue/ grey is dyed with the Cayenne flower. The samples were successful and we embraced the imperfections in the fabrics, similar to a subtle tie-dye effect. The Kankuamo artisans learned a new process: dyeing fabrics.

The dyed fabrics were then sent to the Guna Dule community to transform them into our hand-sewn Kuna textiles. The Guna Dule typically use bright colors and poplin fabrics to create their apparel textiles.

For the Iraca bangles we decided to work with Iraca fiber, which once prepared by the weavers of Sandoná, formally known as “the plain of avocados,” becomes soft and can be crafted to a delicate yet texture finish. Iraca fiber is extracted from the palm of iraca or palm toquilla.

For the Maguey earrings we also work with the Kankuamo artisans. The especial work they do with the ´fique` or ´maguey` fiber is a fundamental element of their tradition. Known for the traditional hand-woven ´mochilas´ we have repurposed the use of the fiber to create statement earrings which are individually hand-wrapped by them and finished with a delicate Iraca woven thread.

All small accessories are finished with wood and gold plated metallic details

“It’s a privilege for us at Mola Sasa to be part of H Project; a visionary concept that has sustainability at its core. This is a dialogue that the fashion Industry can no longer ignore and as small brands we are in the position to be pioneers. H Project is not only a laboratory of design and creativity but also a platform for responsible practices, diversity and inclusivity.”
-yasmin sabet, founder & creative directo, mola sasa. 


Products from this collection will help support Oceana Canada, a non profit dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale. They are an international organization focused solely on oceans, dedicated to achieving measurable change conducting specific, science-based policy campaigns with fixed deadlines and articulated goals.

“An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic leaks into our marine ecosystems from land-based sources every single year. That is the equivalent of a garbage truck dumping waste into our oceans every minute.”
-Andrew Sharpless, CEO, Oceana.